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Tomcat ,failover and load balancing with apache2

Tomcat clustering and load balancing with apache2


Docker swarm on local MacOS using docker machines


Firebase and spring Boot integration

Spring Boot

Spring boot starter repository

Spring boot Configuration Properties

Spring boot conditionals

Swagger and code-gen

Generate retrofit2 client using Swagger and code-gen.


JPA Primary keys, tutorial that will help you master primary keys, simple and composite with all generation strategies.

JPA ElementCollection with basic and Embeddable types

JPA Inheritance Strategies

JPA @Temporal

JPA Validation Constraints

JPA Custom Validation Constraint, good example that shows how to create custom validation constraint to validate your entities.

JPA – Associations @OneToOne , @OneToMany, @ManyToOne, @ManyToMany tutorials that will help you understand JPA entity association. What is owning and inverse side and how to specify cascade options of associations.


Spring introduction

Spring for dummies, introduction to spring and its contexts with basic unit tests.

Spring Cloud

Spring cloud Config

Spring wiring and component scanning

Wire spring with XML, tutorial that demonstrates how to

  • wire beans with xml
  • create unit tests
  • use component scanning
  • inject beans dependencies
  • inject values, lists, sets
  • inject bean properties using P namespace
  • satisfy bean constructor argument using C namespace

Wire spring with Java, tutorial that demonstrates how to wire your beans using java with unit test

Wire spring with Java and XML, tutorial that demonstrates how to combine xml and java spring configuration. How to import XML configuration into Java configuration and vice versa.

Component scanning and autowiring , tutorial that demonstrates how to leverage this two key spring features.

Spring Util , tutorial that will show you how to use util namespace.

Spring property placeholder tutorial that shows how to use property files to configure your application and put information like database username, password ..

Good to know stuff

Spring bean lifecycle , learning the bean lifecycle can come handy.

Spring SpEL tutorial, tutorial that shows how to use SpEL with @Value annotation , P namespace , C namespace and how to call static methods like Math.random().

Spring ambiguity problem with the solution, having two beans that can satisfy dependency has a easy and quick solution that shown in this post.

Spring Profiles

Spring profiles tutorial, tutorial that will learn you how to define and use spring profiles and how to initialize your context with desired profile.


Spring AOP

Spring AOP tutorial, tutorial that shows inside and out of spring aspects. How to create aspect, specify pointcut , use advices and detail explanation of @around advice.

Spring MVC, security and DB

Spring MVC and security tutorial, tutorial that will show you how to use all important aspects of spring MVC like how to:

  • Add @RestController with all related annotations  mentioned and explained
  • Add service layer
  • Handle exceptions and create custom response
  • Add security layer that will make all REST clients authenticate
  • Protect your service layer methods with spring method security
  • How to create unit test for service layer with mocking user
  • How to create unit test for REST controllers

Spring Data

Spring MySQL and inMemory datasources with profiles tutorial, tutorial that will show you how to create datasource using spring java configuration.

Spring JPA Repositories tutorial that will help you learn JPA repositories inside out with nice examples to help you going.

Sort Algorithms

Java Implementations of  common sort algorithms 

  • Insertion sort
  • Selection sort
  • Merge  sort
  • Heap sort
  • Quick sort
  • Bubble sort
  • Shell sort


Java Garbage Collectors( Serial, Paralel, CMS, G1)